BORN the King

As we gaze upon the face of baby Jesus, we are often moved by the peace and stillness of the nativity scene. Is it possible that we have settled for a version of the birth of Christ that merely soothes and comforts us? What does it mean that the Creator of the universe was born an infant in a manger? How do we prepare our hearts to receive this child as the King of all kings?

More than just a cozy affair, the season of Advent should disrupt our lives as we pause to reframe the story of Christ’s birth in a way that compels us to bend a knee to his lordship in every part of our lives. Born the King is a four-week devotional journey that weaves together Scripture, stories, prayer, and interactive moments that draw us to engage with a Savior whose majesty proclaims the coming of the kingdom.

This Advent Season, we will walk together through a series called "Born the King" featuring messages during worship on Sundays, Small Group video lessons, and an advent devotional during the week! Our Adults and Children will particpate.