Connecting people to God and others by creating a space where everyone can belong


To be a multiplying community developing deep, growing relationships with God, our world, and one another.


We understand that community is not something to be consumed; it is something we all participate in and help to create. These six practices help us understand the level of investment required to contribute to and benefit from this faith community.

  • 1: Presence  //  Be faithful in worship

    Worship is our response to God’s love. In worship we are reminded who we are, and the grand story of which we are a part. Worship shapes us. But it’s not just something we do when we “need” it. Your presence is needed by those around you. And when we are present with God and one another, God uses us to encourage, challenge, love, serve, and pray for one another.

  • 2: Relationships  //  Participate in a small group

    It is in relationship and conversation with other believers that we figure out how to walk the way of Jesus in every day life. Our Small Groups meet on site and in homes to care for one another and talk about how to apply the Good News in our daily lives.

  • 3: Compassion  //  Serve your community

    We want to serve our neighbors well, not just as a church, but as individuals. We want to do this by partnering with organizations throughout our city and offering each of our unique gifts in service to our community.

  • 4: Involvement  //  Serve your church

    Each of us has something to contribute, and together we strengthen the church to do God’s good work. Whether you’re the friendly host-type, the quiet behind-the-scenes type, or the planning extraordinaire, our church needs what you have!

  • 5: Generosity  //  Be faithful in giving

    Your generosity makes the work of our church possible. But beyond that, we trust that God is at work in us through the practice of giving so that we can become the good and generous people we want to be. We give of our resources as an act of worship and statement of faith in God’s goodness. Each week we receive an offering in service, and you can also give online. A ten percent tithe is a great suggested starting point.

  • 6: Invitation  //  Invite people into a journey

    Everyone has a story. It is important that we never miss an opportunity to hear the stories of others and to share our story. It is through that connection with each other we can invite people on a faith journey.